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The information in this page is intended only for the Rebbe's Shluchim to the FSU countries who will participate in the “Regional Shluchim Conference” only:


An historic Regional Shluchim Conference will be taking place in Kazakhstan on Chof Av for the Rebbe's Shluchim serving in former Soviet Union countries.


It will open on Thursday, the day of yartzeit Chof Menachem Av and continue until Sunday, Chof Gimmel Menachem Av, in Almaty.


Participation is exclusively for Shluchim and their supporters. Registration to the Kinus will be handled through the offices of Or Avner - Chabad Lubavitch in Moscow.


A group flight will be departing from Moscow to Almaty, in addition to those arriving by flight or train from other locations in neighboring countries. Contact Or Avner to receive participation in the travel expenses to the Kinus.

For details: shluchim@fjc-cis.com