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Chof Menachem Av 5781

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Welcome to the website containing all the necessary information concerning the day of Hillula.


Chof Menachem Av 5781 will mark the 77th anniversary of the passing of Harav Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, a kabbalist and scholar who wrote commentaries on esoteric Jewish texts and led the Jewish community in Ukraine during Soviet persecution. 

As the father of the Rebbe, it is our honor and duty to commemorate his yartzeit with a special program near his resting place in the old Jewish cemetery in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The Chof Av Hachnosas Orchim will be providing full accommodations and an extensive and uplifting program.




Beginning on Wednesday, 19 Menachem Av 5781 - July 28, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Concluding on Thursday, 20 Menachem Av 5781 - July 29, 2021 at 10:00 PM




As you book your flight, please verify that your in  Kazakhstan and that your final destination is the Almaty International Airport (ALA / UAAA).


Depending on the citizenship and passport you hold, you may need a visa to enter Kazakhstan.


To avoid inconvenience, it is advised to check the current Covid-19 restrictions for exit and entry from your place of departure.


Once you have your flight booked, make sure to register for the Chof Av Hachnosas Orchim - click here


If you are departing from New York, there will be an organized charter flight - click here



From arrival to departure, we will be taking care of your physical needs so that you can focus on your spiritual pursuits such as davening, learning and farbrenging. The organizing committee will be coordinating: Continuous rides between the airport and the hotels (a 20-minute drive), the Jewish cemetery and R' Levi Yitzchok's Ohel (15-minute ride), the Chabad House, Mikvah and to the conference center for the grand farbrengen. Also provided will be nutritious meals throughout the day at the hotel, and a 24-hour service of hot and cold drinks and refreshments.



Hotels have been booked to host all guests who are registered. Rooms will be allocated accordingly by the organizers free of charge.


Catered nourishing meals will be provided throughout the days in the hotel’s luxurious dining room.


A detailed program of the minyanim, shiurim, farbrengens, and a map to the location of central places (Ohel, hotels, shul, mikvah, and conference center) will be provided to you upon arrival.


 The Ohel of Hagaon Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson OBM, the father of the Rebbe, will be open for the public over the 24 hours of his 77th yartzeit. The Ohel will be open for davening, reciting Tehillim and reading a 'pan'. Available in a nearby tent will be drinks and refreshments. At the beginning of every hour, there will be transportation available to the various hotels (a 15-minute ride).


The central farbrengen, attended and addressed by rabbonim, mashpiim and Shluchim from across the world, will take place on Wednesday, the eve of Chof Av at 7:00 PM.


Please note that a Kinus Hashluchim of the former Soviet Union countries will be taking place in Kazakhstan on Chof Av as well. Their program will be separate and exclusive to Shluchim and their supporters.